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I love  this  clinic. They  have  helped  me  a  couple different times. Once when I barely hit a goose with my car I felt horrible  because it was dragging itself out  of  the  road,  so  I  went  to  this  clinic  and  the doctor  went  out  of  his  way to help it. Other times they have helped me is if I was concerned about my dog  they  would  answer  all of  my questions. Good service  and  very  caring.


This vet was like a godsend  to my cat  jacob he is very  highstrung and very scared of  people the doctor  was an absolute godsend  the way he took care of Jacob.   I would  recommend  him  to everyone  one  I  know.


Wonderful, wonderful care:  Dr. Christlieb and colleagues at the Meadowbrook  Veterinary Clinic  are some of the kindest, ablest people I've  ever met.  They have been caring for my pets for more than 15 years, with professionalism, expertise, kindness, and common sense.   I recommend  them  without  reservation.


Great, caring  vets:  Initially picked  this clinic due to its location, but Dr.  Collisi  and  the  others  have  been  GREAT.   They're  always  very patient  and  thorough  when  answering  questions, and  really  care about  the  animals  they  see.   I'd  recommend  them  to  anyone.


The  wild rabbit  that  has been  living in  my backyard for  the last 3 months  was  chewed  up  by a dog  after talking  to a rabbit  rescue group, they suggested Meadowbrook.   Although it is quite a drive  from where  I  live, I  am  glad  I  brought  the  rabbit  there.

The moment  Dr. Christlieb  walked  into  the  room, I could tell  he is genuinely interested in helping animals.  He handled the rabbit with care and took his time to examine.   He did not rush at all and  was understanding of our emotions.  I have had 6 cats and 2  dogs in the past 10  years and I had my fair share of vet  visits and I honestly have  not been  satisfied with the  vets I have used before. I am glad to have found a vet  who  really cares  about  animals  and  I  will  start bringing  my  cat  there  eventho  it's  really out of my way.  

I think  Dr. Christlieb is worth the drive!